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Crafting high quality woodworking hand planes and vices in Australia since 1995.
Tools for the beginner to professional woodworker.
World wide shipping.

our unique design of bench vices are nothing like you have seen or felt before. Smooth, precise and efficient with absolutely no racking. Parts are made in-house using modern CNC technology, and are hand assembled. Tried and tested in real workshop conditions to ensure a lifetime of use. Very easy to Install.

our planes utilise the best blade geometry for planing figured and interlocking grain to produce tear out free surfaces. By using a higher blade pitch, we have a clearance angle advantage over low angle bevel up planes. This larger clearance angle means you can plane longer before having to re-sharped your blade.


DICTUM Germany currently stock our full range of vices including our front/bench vice, tail vice, pattern makers vice and bench dogs. In addition, they are now stocking our 3 styles of spoke shaves.

Heartwood Tools USA stock our full range of woodworking planes and vices (excluding moulding planes). Run by Leslie Webb and Aaron Fox, they offer expert knowledge in fine woodworking.

Workshop Heaven in the UK now stock our tail vices, bench vices, bench dogs and tilting vice jaws. 
They are an independent family run business, with a focus on customer satisfaction.