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Well I'm here to tell ya
You knocked it out of the park with your pattern makers vise. It's the nicest vise I have ever used. I love it so much that I'm going to get your front & tail vise. 
I was just out in my garage shop checking out the tilting jaw in action - man, that jaw works! 
The action of the vise is so smooth & there is absolutely no racking. It's a pleasure to use.
- Dave, USA



All the planes are superb but i am particularly pleased with the dado plane, love the depth stop adjustment.

I thought that the small size of the rebate plane may have given me problems with sighting 90 degrees to the cut. As i am used to guiding a taller European style rebate plane. in fact i had no trouble and the compact size and comparative density (Beech / Gidgee) may have actually made it easier to track in the cut. The skew certainly helped clear the shavings well, and as a result i am able to maintain a fence finger position over multiple passes without having to clear waste.

- Neil, UK


I bought two sizes of shoulder planes from you all about 12 to 15 years ago for a restoration project of all of the wood on a Pontiac 1946 woody station wagon. Those planes were instrumental in making all the mortise and tenon joinery on that car. I've used those planes for multiple other projects, and all I've done is occasionally honed or more rarely, sharpened the blades. They almost never need to be rapped and/or adjusted. I still have the little bit of Australian hardwood that they came with to set them on. The brass still looks new. I don't think they are the gidgee wood, they are sort of reddish, almost like purpleheart. I'm not sure you were using that stuff back then.You weren't making so many different things back then either. I bought some other  high quality custom plane and joinery tools for that project, but the Gordon planes have really been a go-to pair of planes more than any other. Also,  your outfit is the only one of all these people that I purchased things from back then, that is still making tools. Congratulations.

- M .R. Weiss, MD



I'm using the planes on a daily basis. They arrived the day after you guys sent them. Thank you. Loving the way they perform! Love the size of the Jointer. It's working beautifully at shooting end grain also.

- Alexander, Australia



After using the A55 trying plane I purchased from you back in July 7 on several different west Aussie hardwoods, I would like to commend and thank you for making me such a quality plane; it is a pleasure to use. 
I have now just purchased from your on line store one of the 60 degree smoothers with the HSS blade. I can’t wait to use it ! 
- Jamie, Australia



The Jack Plane was astounding! That is I followed the Pamphlet directions and it produced super shavings...just simply Awesome!!! Will continue to add your wonderful planes....
- Kai, USA



Planes were delivered today. You do beautiful work. If they cut half as good as they look I will be a satisfied customer. I’ve never used any HNT planes. Frustration with the finicky nature of traditional H&R’s - the tapered irons and soft beechwood bodies - and a few favorable reviews led me to give your planes a shot. I also love the idea of the brass boxing on the snipe bill planes, makes perfect sense! 

- Brian, USA



The vises arrived today!! WOW!!!
I also ordered some stuff from Rockler the same night and they arrive today after having to cross half the US and you got halfway around the globe in the same time.
Thanks for your great looking work

- Joe, USA



Good Morning; I just received the 3/4 hollows and rounds planes I ordered this past Monday. Thank you for the quick response. Hard to believe that you can order something from Australia and receive it in the eastern USA in less than a week. I have various molding planes from Europe, and the US and have used/borrowed HNT planes in the past. I may easily say that the quality and performance of your planes is not surpassed and I look forward to putting these two to work in my furniture reproduction endeavors.

- Bruce Kilmer 
Loudon, Tennessee USA



Terry - I would like to thank Yourself, Tamaris and the rest of the staff on your excellent service you provide and on the quality of the products i have purchased from you. I am a very happy customer and i will be back for more of your products.

- P. Swindells



I have read several reviews about your planes and watched most of your videos on YouTube. I recently purchased a used 1" shoulder plane off Ebay.
The reviews were dead on. This is not just a thing of beauty. It sits in the hand comfortably. I can't wait to try it out on some mesquite. I hope to order a spokeshave soon.

Thank you for your excellence.

- Ira Copple


The first package arrived today. From upon my initial inspection, everything looks perfect. The list of tools was spot on and I must say the tools are absolutely beautiful. The quality and craftsmanship are beyond description. Thanks so much for doing business with me! Looking forward to the next package arrival.

- Steven A. Smith


Today I received my order! I'm totally ecstatic !!! Great work, great tool! When I opened the boxes, I immediately realized that in each of them, you put a piece of your heart!
Thank you, I'm taking off my hat!

With best wishes from cold Moscow,

- Alexander Abramenko


I must compliment you on the quality of your product. The plane is beautiful to look at and a joy to hold. The precision of the mouth (8 thou between sole and blade) is a feat of engineering! I can't wait to get back to my workshop on the weekend and put this marvelous tool into action!
All the best,

- Mark.


The spokeshave arrived half an hour ago.  Tried it on some seasoned redgum. It works superbly. And what a magnificent, artistic piece of engineering.
It means my Lie Nielsen and Veritas shaves are going to take a distant back seat. Stand by for an order for the flat and, which HNT smoothing plane would you recommend to finish eucalypt boards ? Many thanks for providing me with an exceptional tool.

- Paul 

Two things:

1) THANK YOU SO MUCH. the wood you sent me is wonderful and will be perfect for the small projects I make.
2) The plane is amazing!

I'm slowly getting my workshop outfitted and promised myself I'd buy myself one good hand tool per month
Your plane is more than good though.

Again thank you. You have a customer for life


- Tommie



I Tried the dado plane yesterday on a jabot slab: Its's amazing! you are a "goldfinger" planemaker!

- Pascal


Well, I dont understand why your tools arent here, but in watching your educational youtube videos I got see your tools; however more importantly, Insee the method by which you perform definitive tasks with the tools. This speaks truth of the road you have travelled; Sometimes it takes someone who has been between "...a rock and a hard place..." as they say to lead the rest of us with their experience. I just want to turn on my lights and just the lights. I shouldnt have to, if I dont choose to, "turn on" another appliance. I live in New York City, and so a plane doesnt make a lot of noise at all and the shavings always lead to some good conversations! Oh and I dont show my shavings to just anyone!(lol); Thank you for such wonderful tools.
I feel so empowered and old disgarded furniture, and even pallets are not off limits to me.
I will continue to add your tools each month. I somehow intuitively identified with them. They let me work how I want to work wood.

- Kai

Just a quick note to let you know that the tail vice is perfect for my small work bench. I had to change all of your installation instructions based on how I was rebuilding my bench but that was no problem in the end. As an engineer I am very impressed with this tool. The tolerances could not be better and the smoothness of the movement is exceptionally well done. Anyone with a small hop and work bench would benefit from this vice.

My workbench is made with three layers of ¾”MDF and two layers of 3/16 hard board. The outside edges are rimed with some long leaf heart pine which I had left over from a floor I installed in my house about ten years ago. The stuff is as hard as oak and beautiful wood. I am doing the final finishing now and hope to start using it in a day or two.

Thanks again. I am looking forward to owning some of your planes in the future.

- John

I've been on the lathe a lot these past couple weeks but, I've been able to put mine to good use on a run of serving boards I'm making out of some cranky reclaimed red gum - they've been an absolute delight! George Nakashima was really onto something when he spoke about using wooden planes on wood - they just sing! I wouldn't want to use anything else. Maybe I'll send you some photos when I get around to making something a little more special.

- Cole Tucker-Evans


The Moving Fillister arrived today. All of the planes that I bought from you are well built, beautiful and the most important thing they work like magic. But this Moving Fillister just top them all, the finish, its beauty beyond word. I will put it to good use and cherish every minute using it.

Thank you so much,

- Tyne

"Received the dado plane today. Plane arrived in great shape and I had it cutting a test dado within a couple of minutes. I have to say this is one of the finest tools I have ever used. First off, having the left side of the plane as the fence side is genius for a right hander like myself. If you nail on a wood guide then you are pulling the plane into the guide as you push it along, this enables total control in keeping the sole running flat and true thereby insuring a flat bottom. I set for a 3/16 deep dado and checked it with a starrett double square, it was dead nuts all the way. No need for the router plane to insure flatness. The quality and accuracy of this plane has exceeded my expectations on all counts. I'm really pissed that I didn't buy this year's ago! Oh, the blade was fantastically sharp and true, you never see that in new planes unless you go to one of the custom infill makers and shell out mega bucks for a tool. My impression is that you are bringing to market handplanes that are made at exceptional levels of quality while hitting a price point that is reasonable and affordable by serious woodworkers, amazing! I don't particularly care for a computerized digital world but it did allow me to find reviews of your tools, your website and Derek Cohens website. After reading Derek's comments then I made the purchase. If only you were attending the Handworks event here in Iowa next month, that would be a treat. Suffice it to say I am extremely happy and impressed with the dado plane and I plan to purchase other tools from you in the future. Please extend my thanks to all who work with you to make these tools.

- Mark