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Wood Working Wide Jaw Bench Vice (Vise) - No racking

$890.00 AUD

World class innovation in the HNT Gordon Wide Jaw Front Vice design engages, non-racking mechanical function to solve the negative effects of racking.  Grip wood stock in the far edge of this beautiful vice and it will be held square and tight with very little pressure from a silky-smooth crank handle offering zero backlash. The vice’s finely milled aluminium shaft glides with a running-fit between hard-wearing nylon bushings requiring no service and protecting the vice’s moving parts from dust particles insuring an effortless lifetime of wear and tear. 

The concept was so new, combining a range of engineering products designed for different applications, that the HNT team tested the prototypes for five years in the HNT factory in full workshop conditions before releasing them to the market. It was found that the vice is highly efficient - even more so than quick traverse and release vices in most work holding situations. This is due to the absence of racking (racking leads to constant readjustments) and the effortless handle to clamp and unclamp the job without the need for over-tightening.

Another huge benefit of this vice is that it arrives to you complete and ready for installation. Installation on all benches is simple with little to no modification of your bench, with four bolts holding it in place. For more information you can download our installation guide here.

CNC machined to the finest tolerances from brass and aluminium, hand assembled and tested in-house, the HNT Gordon Non-Racking Wide Jaw Front Vice is an elegant addition to the workshop ensuring years of pleasure for the hobbyist and professional alike. 


This vice has a 160mm x 340mm jaw, which is wider than our regular front vice model. We created this vice in addition to our standard front vice for people who need a larger clamping area for larger pieces of wood. It can be very beneficial for certain types of woodworking e.g. drawer making. 

It has an opening capacity of 150mm, weighs 8.2kg and has a 6 TPI ACME thread for fast, smooth action. If you are after a smaller vice jaw, you can view our standard front vice here.
Note: The vice does not come with dog holes drilled in the top of the vice as seen in some of the photos/videos. Please email us to order this option as we will need to customise this for you at an extra cost. If you decide to add dog holes once you receive your vice, we recommend not to do them larger than 1/2" as it may compromise the jaw, and you will lose your warranty. 

Accessories available for purchase:

Front jaw Cork Liners are available for better work holding when dealing with timber that is not quite parallel. These are available here.

Tilting vice jaws are available for holding odd-shaped stock like chair legs and musical instrument parts.  The tilting jaw fits into a ½” hole bored into the work-bench. You can find information on these here.

How to Mount your HNT Gordon bench vice:


A unique design feature of our woodworking bench vice is the hidden thread in a self-cleaning shaft. This self-cleaning system means that no dust or shavings can enter the thread or bearing surfaces, meaning no wear can take place over a long period of time. The video below shows this in action: