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Pattern Makers Vice

$1,850.00 AUD

Your pattern maker’s vice is designed to hold any object, from those with parallel sides through to those with tapers or double tapers. To hold tapered objects, you will need the tilting plate which fits into the vice’s back jaw using a ½” dog hole. If holding parallel objects this tilting plate is not required. The tilting plate is an additional purchase and is not included in the price of the vice. This will be available on the website soon.

You can also custom make a tapered jaw to hold a particular job you have. This can be held in the back jaw using a ½” dowel in the corresponding dog hole.

 The pattern maker’s vice will hold objects up to 150mm (6”) wide. This is reduced to 120mm (4 3/4”) when using the tilting plate fitted.

 In both cases, the vice will rotate 360° to give four different working heights and any angle in between. The vice will also tilt 90° from vertical to horizontal and is capable of being locked at any angle.

 This vice has the new generation non-racking design which gives you significant holding power with little force on the crank handle (10). If using your vice a lot, this will significantly reduce your workload over the course of a day.

 We recommend you put a leather (or equivalent) soft jaw on the front jaw (11) for better work holding, which can be purchased here.

Warning: This vice has a small crank handle on purpose. This is because you do not need much force to hold any object. If you utilise any tool to apply excess force to the crank handle, your warranty will be void.

 Note: Your vice will have less holding power once you exceed the required force.

You can download the installation guide for more information here.