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John's "Anti Tear Out Weapon Of Choice" in Wood Working

Posted on October 04 2019

John's "Anti Tear Out Weapon Of Choice" in Wood Working


We first met John via email a few months ago when he ordered some planes from us from Switzerland. He has kept us updated on the whole process and shared with us his thoughts on his new tools. See the full story below:


"I think a picture says a million words ! What a morning I have had opening my goodies. I made it a long drawn out affair; open a box, drool, have a coffee, open a box, go wow, crack open a beer, open a box......etc etc ! You read that Gidgee is a hard, dense, heavy wood but holding it is knowing it. I was expecting nice but that would be a weak adjective to use. All I can say is Congratulations to you for what you are doing. I have been just sitting here holding that smoother like a man in a trance and thinking that these tools demand that I strive to equal their level of quality with my work. Its going to be a challenge and I’m ready. At least two of them will be dusty before you go to bed !"
Cheers, John




"Its Gidgee vs Yew and yes sir I think its a KO (Knock Out) for tear out. I had a lot of it off of the planer and I am gradually taking it out with the smoother. The plane certainly isn’t causing any and the grain in this Yew is mad ass ! Seems like every 2 inches it changes up. I gave the scraping option a try and that is wonderful as well. I will definitely order the HSS blade for that function. I have virtually no experience setting up wooden planes with the wedge (and certainly none with Asian style ones) but your videos make it so clear that I had no problem whatsoever and my mallet had a good breaking in. You can indeed get some very fine adjustments. The little palm smoother is super handy too, loving these tools. The side profile of these planes makes me think of Riva speed boats ! 


Its the first time I am working with yew and it is a lot harder than I had expected. Those clusters of pin knots are really tough. I believe that in ancient times it was considered a sacred wood which is probably the reason that yews are planted in graveyards here. Poisonous as hell though !"

Cheers, John



"I am just cleaning up my doors and getting ready to fit them. Once again the smoother is shockingly efficient . There is absolutely no difference planing with the grain or against ! I got some real nice tight joints (for once) on my mortise and tenons. Doors are always tricky for me with twist. Astounded at how this blade holds an edge, I have only sharpened it once and that was a very quick one at that. I hope you liked the photos I sent you of planing the panels. Am quite pleased with that Yew."





"Had another fun day in the shop. So much so that I have to share ! My friend throughout the process of hanging these doors has been that little marvel of a Palm Smoother. This is so aptly named, just exactly what it is. I have it set to take off the finest slivers and it has helped me to get the best results ever achieved at a task that I have always dreaded. Although I own a few, I have never really liked block planes. I find them difficult to hold on to, always scared they are going to fall from my hand. Not this, its lighter and feels so positive in the hand. I am so surprised by what I am able to do with this little tool, kept reaching for it constantly. Just perfect for smoothing the edges of doors and getting those gaps right. I hope you will be producing some more of these in the specialty woods soon. One is not enough ! You are a genius Terry !"
 Cheers, John




Palm Smoothing Plane
$240 AUD

Smoothing Plane
$310 - $340 AUD


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