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A55 Smoothing Plane

$475.00 AUD
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A smoothing plane is an essential hand tool for woodworking, as it has the ability to smooth any difficult timber surface after it has been dressed by a Jack plane, thicknesser or planer. This smoothing plane is similar to a traditional tote and handle smoothing plane with a mechanical adjuster. This suits many crafters who are used to this style, and like to have an adjuster over a wedge mechanism. Like most of our planes, this smoothing plane has a high blade angle at 55 degrees which will be optimum on hard woods or reversing grain. On timbers that are too hard to plane, you can reverse the blade to bevel up and it will perform as an 85 degree cabinet scraper.

This plane is made from gidgee which is extremely hard and long wearing. It weighs 1.55kg and is 250mm long x 67mm wide x 38mm high. You have the option of a 50mm wide x 6mm thick x 97mm long Tool Steel (TS) blade hardened to Rc 62-64 or a High Speed Steel (HSS) blade hardened to Rc 62. We recommend choosing the HSS if you wish to reverse the blade to bevel up and use the plane as a cabinet scraper, as it will hold its edge longer under heat. 

To adjust the blade there is a 40 TPI fine thread screw (one 10th of a turn gives meaningful change in depth of 0.001"). The adjuster also allows you to laterally adjust the blade.

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Australia Australia
I recommend this product
*** Smoothing Plane

Its a privileged feeling using a superbly handcrafted smoothing plane to apply the final finishing touches to a project. Everything about the HNT Gordon *** Smoothing Plane is as described - or maybe better.

Steve G.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Well made tool, simple to use.

My first experience with a plane of any kind, so I am a rank beginner. After practising on softer woods I have done some work on a jarrah top for a tool stand I am making and don't have to make another one! I love it.

Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Great tool

Quick shipping. Arrived from Australia all the way to Canada within 5 days. A beautiful plane that’s meant to be used. Blade’s seating in the plane is so precise, such that I haven’t seen even in metal planes. The shavings are thin and Gaussian and the surface is as smooth as it could be. The blade is thick but needed a little work at the edge. There was a little dib at the cutting edge. But it was taken out by a 5 minutes sharpening on diamond plate, followed by 2000 grit sand paper. The plane worked even better afterwards. HNT knows how to make quality planes that are both a sight to cherish and a precise workhorse.

manuel w.
United States United States
I recommend this product
awesome workmanship.

the best planes

christian n.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
New definition of smooth.

Wow just wow. There will need to be a new definition of smooth in the dictionary. The HNT Gorgon *** Smoothing Plane is exquisite, its design and finish are just lovely. The tote fits my large hand for a very comfortable grip. My Daughter tried it with her smaller hand and loves it too. The blade is SHARP, I know they all say that but it really is true. Yes I cut myself. Tested on some Pine first and then some Tasmanian Oak and produced the smoothest surface I have ever felt from a Hand Plane. Yes straight out of the box. Hands down the best quality and cut on the market, you really have to hold it in your hand and take your first shavings to understand its beauty. I only wish I had found your planes when I started woodworking. Absolutely will be back for the whole set. Thankyou HNT Gordon for exceeding my expectations on every level.