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Specialty Pink Gidgee Moving Fillister

$2,865.00 AUD

Moving Fillister Plane - Metric Scale (Imperial Scale available on request)

Moving Fillister Planes are only made once every six months.  There may be a delay on shipping based on our production cycle and for special orders we encourage you to contact us directly.  

  • 10 1/2" Long and 43mm width of cut
  • Weight 2.1kg
  • Fully adjustable blade, depth-stop, nicker and fence
  • Scale on fence and depth-stop
  • 01 TS blade with 60 degree blade pitch and a 20 degree skew, which creates a smooth finish across the grain or with the grain in cranky wood.
  • M2 HSS nicker blade

Note: Photos have been taken in both the studio and in full sunlight.  No filters have been applied to the raw images but you will see that sunlight makes the "pink" really pop!