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Small Curved Sole Spoke Shave

$170.00 AUD
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This gidgee curved sole Spoke Shave has a 10mm radius (3/8") and is 235 long x 12mm wide x 12mm high. Weighs 90 grams and has a 19mm wide x 1.2mm thick x 25mm long Tool Steel (TS) blade hardened to Rc 62-64 OR a High Speed Steel (HSS) blade hardened to Rc 62. The HSS is ideal if you plan to reverse the blade to bevel up and use it as a scraper on hard timber.

The plane (when used with the blade bevel down) has a 60 degrees blade pitch for planing and by reversing the blade to (bevel up) it will perform as a scraper for use of hard cranky woods.

Used for shaping and fine finishing of very tight inside curves that you find in Lutherie and furniture making. It can also be used for flats and outside curves or a combination thereof.

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Henry H.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Small curved sole spokeshave.

This is my 4th tool from Terry over 20 years (and probably not my last). As usual impeccably designed and made. These are sophisticated tools; so invest the time learning to work with them and they will repay your respect forever.

Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Small Curved Sole Spoke Shave

beautifully engineered and crafted

Arthur D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Very handy tool when you need it.

The “need” for a good spokeshave started when making new canoe thwarts. I hated sanding after shaping the thwarts with rasps. After the thwarts were finished I bought a HNT Gordon full size curved spokeshave - what a beautiful tool! - great feel, easy to control, and left a wax like finish. But I still had to sand smaller radius curves so I ordered the small spokeshave. The smaller tool leaves a great finish but requires more concentration than its big brother which is heavier and has much larger handles which are much gentler on my arthritic hands. I control the larger spokeshave larger with my wrists While the smaller tool seems to require thumb and fingers to roll it at the end of the stroke. But, I am still learning. It’s a keeper.

christian n.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Acacia cambagei

Excellent customer service, Expertly packaged for shipping. The Gidgee handles are beautiful, the grain compels the eye. Feels like it was custom made for my hands and out performs my other "shaves". Works perfectly straight from the box.

Ryan G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Beautifully made

Quite happy with the performance of this little shave. They can be hard to find in this size.