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Rose Sheoak Slide Mortise Cutting Gauge

$735.00 AUD

Size: The head is 100mm wide and 24mm thick made from wood and brass. It has a brass rub strip to prevent wear and the locking knob is threaded through a brass pin to ensure it won't wear out. The arm length allows you to cut one or two parallel lines approximately 0 - 150 mm from the edge.

Average weight: 500 grams

Cutters: 2 x HSS knives specially sharpened so when you push or pull the gauge the shape of the cutter pulls the gauge head toward the face of the wood making it impossible for the cutter to wander in the wood grain. This makes for exceptional accuracy when making out your joints in the most difficult pieces of wood. Maximum distance between cutters is 48 mm.

Purpose: Marking out joints where one or two parallel lines are required, eg mortise and tenon joints. The slide action allows for quick positioning of the second cutter.  The trade off here is setting the distance between the two cutters is more manual requiring a little more skill to get it right. If you own this tool you won't need any other gauge - it does it all.

We Stock only Ebony Slide Mortice Cutting Gauges. If you desire another specific wood, we will have to place an order so there may be short waiting period.