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Palm Smoothing Plane

$285.00 AUD

This Palm Smoothing plane is your best friend for trimming and touch up work. It has a higher blade pitch (of 60 degrees) to deal with cranky and hard timbers, but is also at home on soft woods. You can also reverse the blade to use it as a 90 degree cabinet scraper. Used for final Smoothing or trimming of any small timber surface. Perfect for making small boxes out of decorative solid timber or veneers, or for the final finishing work on a near complete cabinet.

This gidgee palm smoothing plane is 125mm long x 38mm wide x 25mm high. Weighs 250grams and has a 30mm wide x 3mm thick x 65mm long HSS 18% Tungsten blade hardened to Rc 62.

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Sean B.
Switzerland Switzerland
I recommend this product
Near Perfect Palm Smoothing Plane...

As always, I look forward to the arrival of tools from HNT Gordon. I suppose this is intensified by the current Covid-state of the planet. So I was very pleased when my parcel from Australia arrived at home in Zurich. Due to ongoing work, I waited a few days before examining and setting up my new plane. As such, I was surprised on close inspection to discover several sharp chips in left lower edge of the planing surface at the intersection with the plane body. My heart obviously sunk. None the less, I decided to act immediately and attempt to remove these chip which seemed brittle. Therefore they needed to be removed or else they would increase in size. So I sanded them out with a fine grit on both edges, and included a micro chamfer on the side-to-plane face “corner.” I was sad to make this operation, but the result hasn’t too adversely altered the planing surface. None the less, I was surprised to receive an HNT in this condition, especially with my previous experience of near-perfection in everything I’ve ordered. Though now its set-up, it feels good in the hand and though I played with a little wood, I’ve not yet put it to a suitable task. This will happen shortly, which I’m looking forward to. Thanks for your amazing dedication to the continued development of HNT tools. Very best, Sean Blem

Andrew A.
Australia Australia
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Absolutely excellent.

Michael S.
United States United States
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Wonderful craftsmanship!!!

I love my new HNT Gordon palm smoothing plane. The only problem is that now I want more of their tools:)

Helen S.
Australia Australia
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Manufactured bliss

Brilliant, no tear out straight out of the box across a range of timber densities and grain types. A larger smoothing plane to compliment the palm smoother shines bright in my future. Written by aedan sykes_ my mum gives great presents.

Stephan V.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product
Palm Smoothing Plane

Absolute delight to use. Plane nice and small and fits snugly in your hand for one hand operation. Blade is thick and sharp ready for use out of the box. Easy to setup with light taps for feather thin shavings. Love it