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HNT Gordon & Co. Classic Planemakers Australia

Palm Smoothing Plane

$240.00 AUD

This Palm Smoothing plane is your best friend for trimming and touch up work. It has a higher blade pitch (of 60 degrees) to deal with cranky and hard timbers, but is also at home on soft woods. You can also reverse the blade to use it as a 90 degree cabinet scraper. Used for final Smoothing or trimming of any small timber surface. Perfect for making small boxes out of decorative solid timber or veneers, or for the final finishing work on a near complete cabinet.

This gidgee palm smoothing plane is 125mm long x 38mm wide x 25mm high. Weighs 250grams and has a 30mm wide x 3mm thick x 65mm long HSS 18% Tungsten blade hardened to Rc 62.

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