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Moving Fillister Plane - Gidgee

$2,314.00 AUD

Moving Fillister Plane - Metric Scale (Imperial Scale available on request)

Moving Fillister Planes are only made once every six months.  As such, there may be a delay on shipping based on our production cycle.

  • 10 1/2" Long and 43mm width of cut
  • Weight 2.1kg
  • Fully adjustable blade, depth-stop, nicker and fence
  • Scale on fence and depth-stop
  • 01 TS blade with 60 degree blade pitch and a 20 degree skew, which creates a smooth finish across the grain or with the grain in cranky wood.
  • M2 HSS nicker blade

Note: the gidgee timber grain will vary from plane to plane, and may not be identical to the one in the picture above.