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Moving Fillister Plane

$2,294.00 AUD

This Moving Fillister Plane is 10 1/2" Long and 43mm width of cut.
It weighs 2.1kg and has a fully adjustable blade, depthstop, nicker and fence.
The depthstop and fence have a metric scale so no ruler is required to set depth and width of fence to make a precise rebate. We can also make the scale with imperial  measurements for made to order planes.
It comes with an 01 TS blade, with a 60 degree blade pitch with a 20 degree skew, which creates a smooth finish across the grain or with the grain in cranky wood.
The nicker blade is M2 HSS.
The fence does not need to be totally removed to remove or insert the blade.

If out of stock please email us and we can put you on our waiting list, as we only make a run of these every few months. 

We may also have specialty ones available here - Specialty Planes & Vices – HNT Gordon & Co. Classic Planemakers Australia

Note: the gidgee timber grain will vary slightly from plane to plane, and may not be identical to the one in the picture above.