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Ebony Mortise Chisels - Set of Six

$2,762.00 AUD

These mortise chisels are hand made in Australia by Trent Powrie from Harold and Saxon Toolworks. The set includes sizes  3/16", 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4", and comes with a standard tool roll as seen in the photos. 

- The handles are a one off made from stunning bocote.

- German Bohler M2 HSS blades, cryo treated with 60-62 HRC hardness, precision ground and hand polished.

- Overall length varies depending on width of blade but between 10 1/4” to 10 3/4” long.

- Handle is approximately 1 1/8” at its widest

- Handle length varies depending on width of blade but between 3 3/8” to 3 7/8.

- Factory sharpened with primary bevel between 20-25 degrees and a secondary bevel between 32-35 degrees (depending on width of blade)

These chisels hold their edge much longer than tool steel and carbon steel. They are surprisingly easy to sharpen considering the steel’s wear resistance. Each handle is hand turned and weighted to suit the blade size, making these the only truly handmade Western style chisels on the market. Once the blades are hardened and tempered, all surfaces of the blades are precision ground and hand polished. Finally, each part is assembled into a beautiful, ergonomic hand tool to last generations.

Terry (head plane maker at HNT Gordon) uses Harold and Saxon chisels in his planemaking, and rates them as the best he has used, and require the least amount of sharpening.