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Accu-Burr™ Burnisher - Handles Only - Pink Gidgee

$60.00 AUD

This price is for the handles only, and are designed to fit the Accu-Burr™ rods.
You can purchase the handles and Accu-Burr™ rod as a set here.

The Accu-Burr™ rod (patent pending) was designed and manufactured by Blackburn Tools and Union Manufacturing Company.  The handles are designed and manufactured by HNT Gordon & Co. to fit the rod.  

Handle Specifications: 

The length of one handle is 90mm, with a 3/16" hole that allows the Accu-Burr™ rod to accurately fit. We sell the handles as a pair to fit onto either side of the rod.
The ferrule is 11mm brass, and the wooden handle has a 14-16mm diameter.
They fit comfortably in your hand and the raised section fits nicely between your first and second finger. You can glue the Accu-Burr™ in with a few drops of super glue, or the hole is a nice fit 20mm deep into the brass so you can just hold them on when being used.
Also available in standard gidgee for $50, Ironwood for $55 and ebony for $60.