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14" Bayonet Precision Carcass Saw

$661.00 AUD

Introducing the Bad Axe Bayonet, a formidable tool designed to tackle a wide range of carcase joinery requirements with precision and ease. Measuring 14" in length and featuring a finely filed 14 teeth per inch (ppi) configuration on a thin .018-gauge plate, this saw is ready to take on any challenge you throw its way.

The Bayonet excels in various tasks, including slicing tenon shoulders of all sizes, executing delicate long-span miter cuts, sawing dadoes, cutting rabbets, and crafting long sliding dovetail pins and tails. Its exceptional performance is evident through its ability to accomplish these tasks efficiently, with minimal strokes, enhanced balance, and superior accuracy.

For comprehensive woodworking projects, the Bad Axe Bayonet perfectly complements our 12" Stiletto Dovetail Saw. Together, they provide a complete solution for furniture projects crafted by your own skilled hands. With this powerful combination, you can confidently embark on your woodworking journey, knowing that you have the right tools to achieve remarkable results.

Unleash the full potential of your craftsmanship with the Bad Axe Bayonet and experience the pleasure of working with a tool that effortlessly delivers precision, balance, and accuracy.