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12" Stiletto Dovetail Saw - Now Available

$571.00 AUD

Introducing the Bad Axe 12" Stiletto Dovetail Saw (15ppi hybrid), a game-changer for serious dovetailing requirements. This exceptional tool is meticulously designed to deliver unmatched precision, making it likely the last dovetail saw you'll ever need to own.

With an additional two inches of throw, the Stiletto offers enhanced reach and flexibility. Its lightweight construction and exquisite balance provide optimal control, ensuring accuracy with every cut. The results-oriented action of this saw guarantees precise and clean results that will exceed your expectations.

Prepare to be amazed by the benefits of a longer toothline combined with a lighter and longer saw. This powerful combination results in superior accuracy, minimizing the chances of veering off course. Experience the unique biofeedback that accompanies the Stiletto's horsefly buzz, a tactile sensation that reverberates up your arm as the hammer-set toothline effortlessly bites into the wood, akin to a serrated razor.

The Stiletto's versatility is second to none. It enables you to effortlessly gang-cut dovetails up to 8/4 combined thickness, craft sliding dovetails, and achieve precise cuts with just 3-4 strokes on 3/4 stock. It can even handle ripping smaller tenon cheeks in thin stock. This highly efficient tool promotes both accuracy and efficiency, streamlining your woodworking process.

Experience for yourself the ease and efficiency that this exceptional saw brings to your woodworking projects.