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1 1/4" Shoulder Plane

$320.00 AUD

Note: Out of stock as of 09/03/2020. Please place your order and we will post your plane once made. The current wait time on this plane is approximately 1-2 weeks.

This Gidgee 1 1/4" Shoulder Plane is used to clean up the shoulders of large tenons and tenon tongues across the grain or a rebate with the grain.

It is 222mm long x 1. 1/4" wide x 66mm high. Weighs 1.1 Kg and has a 3/16" thick x 1 1/4" wide Tool steel blade hardened to Rc 62-64.

It has a 60 degree blade angle for planing or 90 degrees for scraping (by reversing the blade to bevel up). Using the plane as a scraper in useful when dealing with hard woods and cranky grain that you cannot plane.