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Left Hand Side Rebate/Rabbet Plane with a Dovetail Fence

$450.00 AUD
Dovetail Fence Size

Note: Out of stock. Please place your order and we will post your plane once made. Will be available by approximately the end of January 2021.


These gidgee Side Rebate Planes are 225mm long x 22 mm wide x 65mm high.
Weighs 0.6Kg each and have a 1/8" thick x 7/8" wide Tool steelblade Rc 62-64
They have a 50 degrees blade angle for planing. The sole is a concave 1/2" radius, 90 degree segment on the left or right hand side of plane. Boxed in brass to minimise wear. The dovetail fences are 19mm wide x 90mm long and can be adjusted up and down from 0 to 7/8 of an Inch. They are fitted with a wooden shoe to match the wood used in the plane. And the dovetail angle is set on this piece of wood. 

Fitted with the dovetail fence, the side rebate plane can be used for converting a dado to a tapered sliding dovetail joint. 

This Left hand plane comes with one dovetail fence.

NOTE: We recommend purchasing this plane with at least one dovetail fence for best results. The dovetail fences are specifically fitted to each plane, which means we must fit the fences prior to shipping.  If you only purchase the plane and wish to buy a fence later on, you may have to send your plane back (at your own cost) or fit the fence to your plane yourself. For this reason it is best to purchase the fence up front. If you would like a custom fence angle, please email us directly at to place your order.