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HNT Gordon & Co. Classic Planemakers Australia

Snipe Bill Planes

$540.00 AUD

Your Snipe Bill planes are designed to make it easy to start planing with rebate planes or Hollows and Rounds when making mouldings. They are also used to form quirks or clean up after a moulding has been worked with hollows and rounds. 

The left hand plane refers to the plane that has the pointy brass edge on the left side when the plane is pointing away from the user. This is the same for the right hand plane.  

They are 225mm long with a 3/16" thick x 1/2" wide Tools Steel blade hardened to Rc 62-62 and bedded at 60 degrees. The sole is a concave 1/2" radius, 90 degree segment on the left or right hand side of the plane. Boxed in brass to minimise wear. 

Sold as a pair or singularly as left or right planes.