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HNT Gordon & Co. Classic Planemakers Australia

Tail Vice/Vise (100mm or 150mm Travel)

$250.00 AUD

Our tail vice/vise is designed to hold any piece of wood flat on the top of your bench. It is retrofitable to any bench (in any position on the top) without interfering with the integrity of the top.

The knob is 32mm in diameter, knurled for grip and you will find this knob allows for quick movement with plenty of grip to tighten the vice when holding wood. The vice comes with one solid brass dog that is 1/4" high for low profile work. Other size dogs will be available also or you can make them to suit using 1/2" brass rod.

It is simple to install and it comes with an installation guide. You will need to make a wooden cover plate to go over the top of the vice and this is planed level with the top. If your bench top is thin, this is no problem as you simply make up some wooden packers and glue them in under where the vice is to be fitted.

100mm Tail Vice: The vice body is a hefty 32mm x 35mm x 280mm long with a 5/8" 6 tpi ACME thread for a quick moving action. It gives you just over 100mm travel so you would need to space your bench dog holes at 100mm or less apart.
Weighs 1.3 kg.

150mm Tail Vice: The vice body is a hefty 32mm x 35mm x 370mm long with a 5/8" 6 tpi ACME thread for a quick moving action. It gives you just over 150mm travel so you would need to space your bench dog holes at 150mm or less apart. 
Weighs 1.6kg.

For more information you can download the installation guide below:

100mm tail vice installation guide
150mm tail vice installation guide



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andrew c.
I recommend this product

tail vise

My experience with the vise so far is positive. It is clearly well made. I look forward to using it every day for a very long time. Thanks HNT Gordon and Co, Andrew Carmichael

Robert T.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Tail Vice 150mm

The Tail Vice is a long overdue upgrade to my workbench. I love how it fits snugly into the benchtop without having to remove a corner of the bench. I made a parallel row of bench dog holes as suggested by Terry. It works smoothly and holds long boards and irregular shapes firmly. A perfect addition to the face vice and twin screw vice.

hobert c.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Bench in making

But I have done my homework on this item, found that the install was easy compared to other tail vises, and after watching the videos on the web I was hooked! I am using Ipe wood for the build and not many woods are harder! I chose your for solidly built, quick actions and rock hard for holding wood. After I get it in I will follow up. hobert

I recommend this product

Rare find in today’s society

I just recieved my tail vice, this was not my first HNT Gordon purchase nor my last. This was however my first all metal product. I am always impressed with the skill, workmanship and attention to detail given to the range of HNT plans and Colen Clenton marking out tools. I therefore already had high expectations. I like wood. and this is a vice, typically in the family of tools people may have in a garage and not give a second thought. This vice however is professionally engineered and with milled some quality machines, it is smooth to operate, solid to feel yet appears simple in appearance. Whilst I will bury it in saw dust regularly I have no doubt this product will be around a long time after I am gone. I believe in today’s throw away culture suppliers that provide products and service to this level should not be be supported but celebrated. Thanks

Michael. H
I recommend this product

Very Happy

I purchased this vice as a retrofit into a classic bench I had built to function as my table saw outfeed, along with a leg vice and router built into the far end. My 38 year old Scandinavian bench needs to be replaced as both the vices are failing, so I added this tail vice to use until I can build a whole new workbench. It's been great. The tail vice installation was straight forward. I'm pretty nervous with a router so it was stressful for me, but there was nothing complicated about it. The vice has excellent holding power and I like being able to work at the right hand end in a way I can't with my more traditional tail vice. This vice is definitely slower than others on the market, but unless you're in production mode, so what, and even then you can organize work to minimize large changes. The vice travelled from Au. to Vermont in the USA, about half way around the world both in latitude & longitude, very quickly and the charges just about equaled the exchange rate benefit. When I build my new bench I will probably forgo the shoulder vice, which I have loved, and a leg vice, which I already have, and use the Gordon face vice. Great product. Time moves on, even for old reprobate traditionalists like me.