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Legendary Workbench Builds

Posted on February 27 2024

Legendary Workbench Builds

HNT Gordon bench hardware finds its way into workshops all over the world and for good reason.  These vices are the first and only non-racking vices in the world solving what is ultimately one of the most frustrating flaws in bench hardware experienced by woodworkers. Whether professional or hobbyist, there's no doubt that any workshop will be improved with this quality gear.  

As more and more people discover the HNT Pattern Makers, Front and Tail Vices we are constantly impressed and inspired by the workmanship displayed in the benches that are partnered with our tools. 

Following are just a few of the projects we've spotted in our deep dive today.  There are plenty more if you link through to these hashtags:


Starting with our good friend @damionfauser.  Nobody does it better.  Can a workbench be elegant. . .rock maple and walnut says you can.  Click here for a closer look at Damion's Instagram account.

This cool take on a Moravian Workbench was made by @monty_cholmeley at the Williams & Cleal Fine Woodworking & Furniture Making School.  Click here to follow the Instagram story.

We bet this workbench by @shawnkirsch gets a great workout.  The Pattern Maker's Vice is an absolute workhorse for us and we hope it is for Shawn too.  Follow Shawn's Instagram story here.

And another weapon from @damionfauser.  On wheels no less!! Damion's workbench class is a great way to ensure you get the very best setup in place for your workshop.  Follow this link for a closer look at Damion's brilliant classes.

The Ozzy Ocker Workbench by Kuffy is a legendary piece of equipment.  You can purchase plans for just $15 to build this bench yourself by clicking on this link


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