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A little piece of history!

Posted on January 16 2024

A little piece of history!


Bequeathed - Palm Smoothing Plane - Ebony

We are thrilled to present one of the first 10 planes ever made under the HNT Gordon brand, a stunning palm smoothing plane crafted from Macassar Ebony.


This plane dates back to 1995, when Terry Gordon was still honing his skills as a plane maker. Some of the distinctive features of this plane include a slightly curved throat, smooth saw marks on the tail that show the original finishing process, and the absence of putty in the branding on the nose.  We think it probably sold for about $95.


Terry recalls that the first plane he ever sold was a palm smoother, and he sold it to a friend for a whopping $20. Since then, he has made countless friends around the world who share his passion for woodworking, and who have seen their planes age like fine wine. 🍷

Unfortunately, one of our earliest collectors passed away a few years back. His partner returned this plane to us, saying that it was his pride and joy, and she thought we might be able to help find new homes for it, along with the rest of his HNT collection.


This plane has been used but is still in near mint condition. Terry has refinished it but all parts are original.

This is not a plane that can be bought via our website. Anyone interested in owning this magnificent little plane is encouraged to get in contact and tell us how you can best continue the story.  Maybe there is an heirloom project, perhaps a collectors cabinet or a special adventure that's bigger than any little plane!


Please get in touch with us if you are up for the challenge. 😉


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