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Specialty Lace Sheoak Curved Sole Spoke Shave

$420.00 AUD

This Pink Gidgee Curved Sole Spoke Shave is 280mm long x 24 mm wide x 24 mm high. With a 75mm radius on the sole. Weighs 0.5 Kg and has the option of a 45mm wide x 1.6mm thick x 34mm High Speed Steel (HSS) blade hardened to Rc 62. The HSS is ideal if you plan to reverse the plane to bevel up and use it as a scraper on hard timber.

It has a 55 degrees blade angle for planing and by reversing the blade (bevel up) it will perform as a scraper for use of hard cranky woods.

Fine finishing of inside curves. You can also plane a combination of inside and outside curves with one pass once you have mastered this tool.