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HNT Gordon & Co. Classic Planemakers Australia

Gramercy Hold fasts

$60.00 AUD

NOTE: These are currently out of stock, and will be restocked by approx the 4th Feb 2019.  Feel free to place your order and we will ship it as soon as they arrive. 

These holdfasts are made by Gramercy in the USA.    They are made using a modern formed wire process.   A bit like spring steel and I would say virtually unbreakable under normal conditions.

The holdfast is used in a  3/4" hole in your workbench top.  A 1 3/4" thick or thicker top is required for them to function properly.   If your top is thinner you simply add a packer under the bench where the hold is to go.  They have a 6 1/2" reach and the maximum clamping hieght is  7 1/4" in a 2" thick benchtop. 

Imported into Australia by Colen Clenton.