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Bargain 6mm Dado Plane

$375.00 AUD $420.00 AUD
This Dado plane is usually 1/4",  however this one is only 6mm wide. It also has a small bit of sapwood which is seen in the photos.  This does not affect the life or function of the plane.
This gidgee 1/4" Dado Plane is 230mm long x 22 mm wide x 75mm high.
Weighs 0.9 Kg and has a 3/16" thick x 1/4" wide Tool steel blade hardened to Rc 62-64, plus a HSS T1 nicker Blade 1/4" wide with 9mm of useable blade which will last a long time. And the nicker is mechanically adjustable for easy set up.

It has a 60 degrees blade angle skewed at 20 degrees for a smooth finish across the grain or with the grain in cranky wood. Used to make a 1/4" dado (grove) across the grain or with the grain. The precision made nicker ensures a very neat and accurate dado as the wood fibres are cleanly severed when planing across the grain. The plane also has a mechanically adjustable depth stop so you can make the dado to a precise depth.

The plane comes with a complete guide for use and sharpening.