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Original AB1 Accu-Burr™ Burnisher - With Handles

$119.00 AUD

This price is for the Accu-Burr™ rod with handles.
The Accu-Burr™ rod (patent pending) was designed and manufactured by Blackburn Tools and Union Manufacturing Company. The handles are designed and manufactured by HNT Gordon & Co. to fit the rod.

Specifications of the Accu-Burr™ rod from the manufacturer:
Never struggle to turn a burr on a card scraper again. The ACCU-BURR™ is simple, easy and repeatable. The heart of the patent pending Accu-Burr™ burnisher is a 3/16" diameter carbide rod with three v-shaped grooves around the middle of the rod. These grooves are precision ground to turn a fine, medium, or coarse (5°, 10°, or 15°, respectively) burr simultaneously on both sides of any prepared scraper edge. Because quality and precision matter greatly for the function of this tool, we use a premium American-made grade of carbide, sourced from and ground by Lakeshore Carbide, a leading carbide tooling manufacturer.

Easy to Use

Pick a groove and run it over the scraper. We have tested on HSS scrapers with a rockwell hardness of 65, on widths from 0.010" up to 0.100", on all kinds of crazy shapes. Just pick it up and go.

Pick the right burr for the Job

The three grooves machined into the carbide rod allow you to select a 5, 10 or 15 degree burr. So you can be confident that you get the burr you expect. You can select a coarse burr and use your scraper as a shaping tool, or a fine burr for finishing marquetry.

Any Scraper, Any Shape

Traditional burnishers require the scraper to be held low in a vice to provide stability and rigidity as the burr is turned. The ACCU-BURR™ is self centering allowing the scraper to sit high in the vice. This makes shaped scrapers like gooseneck scrapers as easy to turn a burr on as any other. Even very small scrapers that would be a challenge with other burnishers are simple to use with the The ACCU-BURR™ .

Half the work, Double the Burrs

The The ACCU-BURR™ turns a burr on both sides of your scraper at the same time. Just don't forget to prep both sides!



Handle Specifications: 
The length of one handle is 90mm, with a 3/16" hole that allows the Accu-Burr™ rod to accurately fit. We sell the handles as a pair to fit onto either side of the rod.
The ferrule is 11mm brass, and the wooden handle has a 14-16mm diameter.
They fit comfortably in your hand and the raised section fits nicely between your first and second finger. You can glue the Accu-Burr™ in with a few drops of super glue,  or the hole is a nice fit 20mm deep into the brass so you can just hold them on when being used.



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W. H. Schippers
Netherlands Netherlands
I recommend this product

What you see, is what you get.

The images and video about the item, is what I wanted to receive. And that is what was delivered. Thank you for that. Using the item my scraper works well, thank you for the usingguide on the video.


HNT Gordon & Co.

Thanks for your positive review. We have to agree, the ACCU-Burr Burnisher has made a breeze of rolling a burr on card scrapers everywhere!!

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Accu-Burr burnisher with handles

I haven't used it yet due to illness but all the reviews I've seen are positive. Mr Gordon has produced a truly great looking tool. The design and the colours of the gigee wood, the brass ferrule, and the carbon steel make a striking combination.


HNT Gordon & Co.

Thanks for your positive review and we hope you're feeling better very soon! This is a great way to include some specialty woods in your collection too as we're starting to make these with exotics when we can get them.

Barry P.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Great product after witnessing a Demo of the Tool

I really must say the any HNT Gordon product is "enticing " to buy. Yet very much look forward to using the Accur-Burr tool with the superbly crafted handles for real to enhance the works I am doing. Here I say it is wonderful to deal with people who are passionate about their products they produce with though buying in the specific burr devices required.


HNT Gordon & Co.

Thanks again Barry, it will only take two or three firm strokes and you'll have the perfect burr on your card scrapers. This tool is truly a game changer for those final touches!

Neil G.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Works a treat

The Accu-burr worked perfectly, takes the guesswork out of setting up the scraper. As always, the HNT Gordon handles are both beautiful and very practical. Highly recommended.

A HNT Gordon & Co. Customer
Troy S.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Awesome. Card scraper sharpening is now a quick and simple thing. Using the scraper so much more now. And it looks fantastic with those handles!