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Bargain Tilting Vice Jaw

$125.00 AUD $150.00 AUD

Our tilting vice jaw is designed to enhance your pattern makers or front vice, by allowing you to hold almost any conceivable shape including wedges, tapers and double tapers.These objects can be large or small.

The jaw is 150mm long x 60mm wide, and the brass dog will fit into a 1/2" hole. The jaw will tilt to 16 degrees in any direction, giving it vast capabilities. We will supply a leather face for the jaw along with purchase (see photo 2).

The jaw rotates on a brass knuckle, and the tension on the brass knuckle can be adjusted by simply loosening two grub screws and tightening the threaded knuckle cap, and then re tightening the grub screws (see photo 3).

The tilting jaw can be used in the back jaw of the pattern makers vice, which has two 1/2" holes to accept the brass dog. The tilting jaw can also be used with your HNT Gordon front vice to significantly enhance its capabilities. You can do this by simply drilling a 1/2" hole in the side of your bench which you use as your back jaw.

 This jaw is a bargain due to the machining grooves seen on the jaw, which we were experimenting with.  It will still work the same as our standard vice jaw when lined with leather.