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Bargain Front Vice

$730.00 AUD $760.00 AUD

This front vice is only a bargain due to the superficial marks that are hard to notice and aren't easily seen in the photos. This does not affect the function or life of the vice.


This innovative design came about when designing our Tail Vices, a product that is compact and could be fitted to any bench regardless of ones current setup. This design brief follows on to our front vice and pattern makers vice. But most importantly, the concept of concentric tubes and their inability to rack (when fine tolerances are used) was what this product was focused around. Through design and precision machining, we have created a product that doesn’t rack in the first place, so will not deteriorate with successive use.



Because of the previously mentioned design, all HNT Gordon vices clamp completely parallel to your bench. If your work is parallel this means there is a huge amount of surface area and therefore little to nil chance of your job ever slipping the vice. When dealing with unfinished or slightly out of parallel work, we suggest using a thin semi-malleable material such as leather or cork (available here). We also manufacture tilting jaws (available here) which adapt to out of parallel jobs, and can hold tapers and odd shapes. These Jaws can be used in conjunction with this bench vise or our Pattern Makers Vise.



This product was tested over the course of five years in our workshop. This means it was day in and day out being used to hold plane bodies in their construction. The reason we decided to produce and sell these vices is because we could see how much time was saved, as we didn’t need to over tighten our vices and they required little pressure to hold and release the job. This small advantage translates into a large amount of saved time. Realistically, in repeated work processes we find you will most often need a reliable vise that takes little effort to clamp and unclamp your job, rather than needing to traverse great distances. Through our testing we found that the absence of racking and improved work holding was more important than quick traverse for most work holding situations.


This product comes complete and ready for installation. The way we have produced this product, installation on all benches is simple with little to no modification of your bench. Four bolts hold it in place. For more information you can download our installation guide here.


JAW: 160mm x 230mm
THREAD: 6 TPI ACME for fast, smooth action.
Thread is hidden to prevent wear.
DESIGN & MANUFACTURE: Our own unique design, manufactured by us in Australia
Note: Vice does not come with dog holes drilled in the top of the vice as seen in some of the photos/videos. If you decide to add dog holes once you receive your vice, we recommend not to do them larger than 1/2" as it may compromise the jaw, and you may lose your warranty.