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HNT Gordon & Co. Classic Planemakers Australia

Radius Plane

$240.00 AUD
Blade Type

The radius plane is 130mm long x 55 mm wide x 38mm high. The longitudinal radius is 230mm (9") and across the plane the radius is 75mm (3").
Weighs 0.45 Kg and has a 1/8 " thick x 1 1/2" wide blade. You have the option of a Tool steel (TS) blade hardened to Rc 62-64,  or a High Speed Steel (HSS) Blade hardened to Rc 62. The HSS is ideal if you plan to reverse the plane to bevel up and use it as a scraper on hard timber.

It has a 55 degrees blade angle and is specifically designed for shaping the seat of a windsor chair, or other tasks that the radius of the sole will suit.

This plane can also be converted to a scraper simply by reversing the blade so would be very useful if you are working in very hard canky woods.