After several years of development H.N.T. Gordon and Co Classic Plane Makers of Australia sold their first woodworking hand planes in 1995. They are a family business that produces a range of hand crafted woodworking planes for the person with craftsmanship in mind. In 2011 and 2012 HNT Gordon released several new planes as follows: Small Curved Sole Spoke Shave, Dado Planes and a Radius Plane bringing their impressive range of planes up to 40 various types and sizes in total. We also developed a Tail vice that is retro fit able to any bench which is very useful when using dado planes.

HNT Gordon also employed their first full time apprentice in 2012 who is my son Nelson Gordon. I guess the start of a second generation of Planemakers at HNT Gordon.   In 2014 HNT Gordon employed its second full time apprentice Jake Gordon.

Terry GordonTerry Gordon is the head Planemaker and owner of the business and the following statements outline his business principles.

  • 'Any Bench plane we make will be able to plane or scrape any wood without tearout, plus all our other planes are optimised for hard, cranky woods. That being said they will perform very well on softwoods also.
  • We will only use high quality materials with a simple appropriate design to offer customers affordable quality in tools that will make your woodwork better.
  • We have done considerable development work to learn how to harvest, dry and stabilise Australian hardwoods (in particular gidgee) to give give us a superior quality wood for plane making that has ever been used before. In conjunction with this we have learnt how to combine this wood with brass using modern glues to enhance the function and life of some wooden planes. As a consequence of this work we offer an unconditional guarantee on workmanship and materials without hesitation.

Terry says - Making high quality products that last a lifetime makes him feel he is contributing to the health of the environment as too often today we are seeing cheap poor quality imported products ending up as landfill in Australia after only a short period of service. This is not good for our environment.

We have our workshop and show room in ALSTONVILLE, northern NSW. The showroom will be open to woodworkers to try HNT Gordon planes and view planes being made. All planes will be available for sale and visitors will be able to hand pick the plane of their choice. Other related accessories for woodworking will also be available. The showroom is generally open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm. When Terry and staff are attending the Woodshows, the showroom may not be open every day. Please call ahead or email us prior to your visit to ensure a representative is available.
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Hey Terry,
What are you playing at?? This plane's no bloody good at all!
How can I possibly take something that pretty into a dirty dusty workshop and scratch up lumps of wood with it? Came up very nice he sez? What a master of understatement. It is so beautiful that I can't even bring myself to put grubby hands on it and try it out yet! I put it together and it's sitting beside me on top of a veneered quarter sawn silky oak bookshelf, which it puts to shame. And anyway I don't need to try it because I already know your planes will true up the edge of a postage stamp. And probably take the ink off the face without hurting the paper as well!
What a privilege to have someone of such talent make me such a tool. Particularly in these days when so many people don't even understand what true quality actually is. (Did you watch "Longitude" on ABC recently? Somebody understood why old Harrison spent his lifetime inventing and perfecting the maritime clock.) I thought your stock planes were brilliant, and then you made me the little one which is just extraordinary. But this time you have really excelled yourself. I wish my old Dad had lasted long enough to see it. Truly fine tools delighted him endlessly, but he was never fortunate enough to have anything like this.
I think I'll just leave it sitting on the bookcase for a few more days.
With very sincere thanks,